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Welcome to ReefTrace Live™

Reef like a Pro!

EMASIS Software introduces ReefTrace Live™ a cloud-based mobile app, designed to help reef enthusiasts of all levels to manage multiple marine aquarium tasks simple and effortless.


Analyze your logged parameters with gesture friendly charts; select a date range and parameters to compare against, comparing your results with water changes, dosing schedule and any other factors influencing your water chemistry is critical for your reef system’s health and success. Learn More.


Log your parameters with guided text, audio and/or video instructions by Melev’s Reef. If your device is water proof; you will be able to place your vials over a white illuminated area right next to your test kit’s color chart, with the goal to assist you compare and choose a perfect color match and log your results. Learn More.

LFS Finder

ReefTrace Live™ LFS Finder allows you to map local fish stores, clubs and/or services near your location. Get turn by turn navigation and contact information. Contact your local fish store and make sure your items are available for you to pick. Learn More.


ReefTrace Live™ Plaza contains a vast selection of live and dry goods; you can find anything and everything, whether a frag and/or a full reef system from regional and/or local vendors. All transactions take place directly with your vendor of choice. Learn More.

Critter ID

ReefTrace Live™ has partnered with Melev’s Reef vast Critter ID library; you will be able to quickly identify and reference that hijacker critter that suddenly appeared in your system. Learn More.


ReefTrace Live™ News is the perfect place for you to stay up to date with the latest and greatest in the reef community; satay up to date with products, tips, events and special offers and from the pros!