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Parameter Guide for the Marine Aquarium.

Discoover our latest feature for the ReefTrace Live App.

ReefTrace Live is proud to bring to the reefer community another great educational tool .

Reef enthusiast constantly wonder what are the ideal water parameters for their marine tank; with so much resources invested in making sure corals, fish, invertebrates, bacteria and macro algae thrive; it is imperative to understand the water chemistry from their natural habitat, as much as it is to understand what levels and conditions have worked for experts such as Marc Levenson

As we did our religious Saturday water test, we noticed that most times all levels are right on the spot, yet there were those occasions where pH, Alkalinity, Salinity, TDS, etc were off….  and the google quest for reefers with similar issues began!

Often we wondered if based on our location there were any factors contributing to these sudden spikes; and if such changes were only affecting us or were affecting other reefers as well. We concluded that the ReefTrace Live App should have a regional report that reefers could use to check if the levels they experience on their tank are isolated or provoked by external factors.

We added the following Parameter Guides via the Statistics Section and Parameter Log Section:

Natural Sea Levels


Parameter Guide - Natural Sea Water

Melev’s Recommends (Click here to learn more on Marc Levenson's experience with these levels)

Parameter Guide - Melev's Recommends

ReeTrace Live User Average.

Parameter Guide -  ReefTrace User Average

This guide reports a daily average from parameters logged by World Wide ReefTrace Live users; as our user base continues to grow and parameters receive readings this guide will become a relevant tool for the reefer community as it will assist on answering many questions and hopefully generate new ones!


Should I test my aquarium water frequently?

Try to make it a routine, such as “Test Kit Saturday” or something similar. Record those numbers in the ReefTrace Live App to be able to review your water parameter history. When things go wrong, the usual excuses are that the person didn’t test diligently in some time, their test kit ran out and they didn’t buy a new one yet, or their test kit is way past expiration. Try to make a mental note (or a physical one!) when a kit is getting low to pick up a new one next time you are at a fish store or ordering online.