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Large Strainer Basket

Large Strainer Basket

The benefit of a larger strainer is less change of restricting flow into the pump itself.  This type of strainer would be great on a closed loop application if you could hide them from sight behind rockwork.  Designed for 1.5" and 2" plumbing, the strainer is made of ABS plastic. If something were to get close such as a fish or anemone, the greater surface area reduces the risk that the animal will be sucked against the screen. Rather, they should be able to crawl across it unaffected and continue to live.  A strainer also keeps smaller critters like snails out of the pump's impeller or intake area.

The primary use for me has always been in the sump rather than the display.  I have two in my 400g's sump. One is on the Abyzz 200a return pump, and the other on the Vectra L1 pump that I use to feed the manifold and Anemone Cube.  I have plenty of space intentionally.  These strainers are 5" in diameter, and 3.5" thick.  Plus you need a fitting to connect it to the bulkhead.  

The strainer itself can be purchased on this website, and it costs about $10 each. 

Depending on the bulkhead you use, you may need a slip fitting or a threaded fitting.  I prefer threaded bulkheads in sumps specifcally so I can install a threaded strainer.  Here are a couple of solutions depending on what you buy: 

Threaded plastic nipple: You can purchase a short threaded/threaded nipple that will screw into the bulkhead, and the strainer screws onto the other side. You'll need to make sure you get the right size, like 1.5" to 1.5" to match the two parts together.