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Introducing Clear Fx Reef!

Clear Fx Reef is an advanced comprehensive filter media for Reef Aquariums

We asked the Blue Life™ team what is the difference between Clear FX Reef and Clear FX Pro?

There have been some recent customers who have said that our product called "Clear Fx Pro" had dropped their phosphates to zero, and we know that it’s best to keep some levels of phosphates in your coral reef aquarium. More reefers today are adding phosphates into their aquariums for coral growth and coloration,  we thought of the idea to better control phosphates manually rather than using reactors or products that are more difficult to accurately control.  

We wanted a product that won’t lower phosphates such as the Clear Fx Pro but still achieved crystal clear water as well as limited unwanted algae growth.   These new formulas have double the organic scavenger resins that reduce algae and increase oxygen….it’s a great formula that will really help reef tanks populated especially with hard corals.  

As always, we use only clean, high-grade bituminous coal carbon, and the highest capacity resins available on the market.  While there are similar products on the market today, none of them have the quality of clean carbon and high capacity organic scavenger resins that these new products have.  

These new formulas will be the best path for coral reef aquariums as well as freshwater planted tank aquariums.  Sizes available are: 225ML, 450ML, and 1800ML and treat aquariums up to 500 gallons in size.

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