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Exciting New Partnership Announcement!

For eXact iDip® & ReefTrace Live™

Exciting New Partnership Announcement for eXact iDip® & ReefTrace Live™

Two great smartphone apps make one great solution for the Marine Aquarium market

Rock Hill, SC— Industrial Test Systems, Inc. (ITS), manufacturers of the eXact iDip® 570 Marine Starter Test Kit, announced an exciting partnership with ReefTrace Live™  for premier testing of marine aquariums using a smartphone.

The eXact iDip® 570 Marine Starter Test Kit is an on-site, easy-to-use water quality test kit that’s preconfigured with exactly what’s needed to start testing marine water and uses the eXact iDip® app to collect values. The ReefTrace Live™ app enables users to export logged test values and seamlessly works with the eXact iDip® app that assists Marine water users in managing multiple saltwater aquariums
. With ReefTrace Live™ users log all of their test results to keep track of important marine water parameters easily and reliably. You can choose statistics from the menu to view general test results, compare measurements and inputs.

The Marine Kit comes packed in a durable plastic case with secure fasteners and padded compartments, allowing for easy storage and travel. The eXact iDip® 570 photometer is waterproof (IP67) and incorporates a permanent built-in sample cell which eliminates loose parts, streamlines the test procedure and improves accuracy features integrated patented 2–way wireless communication with any compatible iOS or Android smart device. Using these bluetooth capabilities, the user can track, share, and store their results straight from the eXact iDip®  app.

The kit contains reagent tests including 25 tests for:

The free downloadable eXact iDip app comes with pre-installed tests: pH, Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine, Total Alkalinity. Extra test parameters are available for purchase and downloaded in-app at $4.99 each or as a bundle (570 Marine Bundle) for $23.99.

The eXact iDip app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch with the minimum iOS system version 9.0 and Android version 5.0 with Bluetooth® 4.0. Using both apps is the perfect testing solution for saltwater tank owners! 

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About Industrial Test Systems, Inc.

For over 30 years, Industrial Test Systems, Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of instruments and chemistries designed to test water quality within the municipal water treatment, food & beverage, trucking & automotive, pond & aquarium, pool & spa, educational and medical diagnostics industries. ITS is the developer of over 100 tests and proprietary chemistries (many of which have been ETV/EPA performance-verified), including the first and only EPA approved test strip.  

For more information on any of the products offered by ITS, please contact a knowledgeable ITS Product Manager by calling (803) 329-9712 or toll-free at 1-800-861-9712. Additional information and product details may also be accessed on the web at, or by sending an inquiry via email to

About ReefTrace Live™

Women owned Wirefin, LLC is the brains behind ReefTrace Live™, a native cloud-based mobile app, designed to help reef enthusiasts of all levels manage multiple marine aquarium tasks simple and effortless. Our goal is to provide effective digital tools to reefers to complement their husbandry practices and experience in the hobby. With features such as Critter ID, LFS Finder, News, Notes, Parameters, Plaza, QuickLog, Statistics, and more to come... ReefTrace Live™ users world-wide have positioned our App as their top 5 digital tools in the saltwater aquarium hobby.