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Why Reeftrace?

We are a smart agency.

Reef Like A Pro!

Wirefin introduces ReefTrace Live™ a cloud-based mobile app, designed to help reef enthusiasts of all levels to manage multiple marine aquarium tasks, simple and effortless.

This App is oriented to the reefer but is crafted to help all involved: manufacturers, retailers, hobbyists and especially our oceans.

You don't have to be a scientist to have a positive impact on coral reefs. We believe that by providing educational tools for reefers and supporting Manufacturers and Retailers, we contribute to efforts that can help restore marine habitats.

Our goal is to provide effective tools to reefers in an effort to reduce the mortality rate on their aquarium’s inhabitants, and complementing with tools that support Local Fish Stores, because we believe that Local Fish Stores are key contributors to the health of our reef systems, and a reefer’s communication channel with Manufacturers.

We have to talk the talk but also walk the walk; Wirefin will donate a percentage of ReefTrace Live™ revenue to organizations such as The Healthy Reefs for Healthy People Initiative devoted to the conservation, protection and rebuilding of our planet’s reef systems.

We employ a combination of best-of-breed products, methodologies, technologies and personnel. Our commitment to you does not end when we deliver your product and/or service, our commitment just begins.

Marc “melev” Levenson has been in the hobby since 1998, blogging his experiences about his own reef on his website to help others learn husbandry skills.

Most recently he’s become an online personality with tens of thousands of followers on his YouTube channel (melevsreef) also geared at helping other reefers through his personal experiences.

His website’s articles, blogs, and Critter ID cover topics like pest control, feeding techniques, working with acrylics, reef photography and water chemistry to name a few.

His online store carries many products like his RO/DI systems, custom sumps and even includes some items that he himself invented as clever solutions to make reefkeeping easier.

Marc is a globally recognized speaker, who regularly recommends supporting local club events, shopping local fish stores, and interacting with others via social media.

His other hobby is diving, exploring natural reefs. His current tanks are a 400-gallon reef and a 60-gallon anemone cube, filled with captive bred fish and aquacultured corals.

The Healthy Reefs for Healthy People Initiative is an international, multi-institutional effort that tracks the health of the Meso-American Reef, the human choices that shape it and our progress in ensuring its long-term integrity.

The Healthy Reefs for Healthy People Initiative seeks to address two overarching questions:

  • What is a healthy reef and how can we improve our tracking of reef health through a shared vision and common indicators or “yardsticks?”
  • How can we best convey consistent, scientific information to policymakers, decision-makers, and the public, such that the connections between reef health and human health result in effective conservation action at an unprecedented scale?

The Healthy Reefs for Healthy People Initiative concerns itself not only with ecological issues, but also with the most relevant socio-economic, cultural, and policy factors influencing reef health and, in turn, the impact those factors may have on local communities. Well over one million local people directly depend on the integrity and health of the Reef for their livelihood, and the national economies of four countries substantially benefit from the Reef’s appeal as an international tourist destination. Ecological and socio-economic considerations cannot be dealt with separately, as we are keenly aware of the interdependence between reef health and social prosperity.

Ultimately, we need healthy reefs to sustain healthy local people.

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